Opinion: NPP National Youth Organisers Debate Brouhaha

I have followed keenly with amusement recent developments and brouhaha surrounding the upcoming NPP National Youth Organisers Debate to be organised by a joint Collaboration between *The NPP National Youth Wing* (Who Mandated the Debate), *The Eastern Regional NPP Youth Wing* (The Host Region) and *Critical Thinkers International – CTI* (A Youth Based Political Think Thank aligned to the NPP and Facilitators of the Debate) under *the Chairmanship of Mr Sammy Awuku the incumbent National Youth Organizer of the NPP.*

I still cannot get my head around it, as something that is meant to be an intellectually stimulating discourse to get the best out of our youth Organizer Aspirant has now become a subject of hot political gerrymandering with people casting all sorts of aspersions and authoring of gibberish articles meant to dint the integrity of the debate and it’s stakeholders.

Political Debates of this nature dates back to prehistoric times and I don’t need to repeat it’s merits. It beats my imagination how some so called political activists can be very gullible in an attempt to cast a slur on the upcoming NPP Youth Organizers Debate.

Of all the very weak, shallow and unintelligible arguments make by protracted supporters of Mr. Dominic Eduah in an attempt to get him to boycott the Debate is the point made that; *It is unwise to expose their strategies to battle out the NDC and to win the 2020 Elections in an open Debate.*

*I find this as the most unintelligible argument if it is truly the position of Dominic Eduah as advanced*. First of all, it has never been the sole mandate of the National Youth Organizer to outline strategies to be taken to win an election. The NPP Constitution as amended stipulates the mandate of a National Youth Organizer and his or her area jurisdiction in contributing to the National Organisation of the Party.

In none of the political debates ever organised were Aspirants asked to divulge their strategies to weakening and/or winning against their opponents whether in an internal or external or national contests. *I don’t think the Debate Moderator and Panellists with their rich political experience will asked Aspirants to divulge such strategies if any in an open debate which will be streamed live.

Secondly, history has it that, *this debate is going to be the first of its kind for the National Youth Wing since the formation of the NPP and it will go into history as one of the Legacies of Mr Sammy Awuku*, but let us be living in a wonderland as to what to expect in a Debate of such nature.
The Debate in my considered view will be organised within the remit of the NPP Constitution with particular reference to the roles and duties prescribed for a National Youth Organizer which is fundamentally to be the Chief Spokesperson of the Youth Wing, Safeguard the interest and welfare of the Youth of the Party and Harnessing/Mobilising and deploying the youthful capacities and resources in building a strong/sustainable political party.

It is a facade for a section of well meaning youth activists of the Party to think that an exercise to draw out the Competencies of aspiring candidates in addressing executing this mandate and providing leadership for our youth front is ill-determined.

*I will advise those who claim to Love Dominic Eduah and his political aspirations than himself should restrain themselves from denigrating his candidature in the upcoming contest.*

Respectfully Submitted…

*Benjamin Akowuah Acheampong*
PA to Mr Fred Amankwah-Sarfo and
*Member, Critical Thinkers International – CTI*
0240 630 802