As part of every national or regional programs, custodians of the land, chiefs other local stakeholders within the region are mostly the principal guests to grace the occasion.

Nonetheless, this wasn’t the case of the last Sunday campaign launch at Cape Coast by the ruling National Democratic Congress(NDC).

The Campaign launch at Cape Coast altered a sudden truncation of the customary rites by the Oguaa traditional council ahead of the famous Oguaa festival, “Bakatue”.

The customary activities by the traditional council includes the ban on noise making and gathering. This will help cleans the stool and prepare the spiritual atmosphere ahead of the festival.

These ban on noise making was slated to come to an end by next week. However, the untimely schedule of the NDC launch made its way through the cleansing period of “Bakatue”.

Per the interview conducted by kessben reporters, some residents boycotted the launching on the grounds that the NDC used their veto power to dishonor the authority of the cherished culture of the land.

Kessben media could attest to the fact that, no single chief in official chief costume was spotted on the ground. What might have caused this is a multi million questions to enquire.

Story: Randy Jay Abubakar