Odotobri Rural Bank interacts with customers

Management of Odotobri Rural Bank Limited in the Ashanti Region has held a forum to interact with its customers and reward them for their loyalty throughout the year.

About 200 customers were selected to be appreciated at the event while certificates were presented to them as a token of acknowledgement of their immense contribution to the success of the Bank.

The Chief Executive Officer of the bank, Mr Siaka Baba Ahmed said the purpose of the forum was to find out if customers were satisfied with the kind of services offered and to also acknowledge and appreciate customers who have been doing business with the bank for a considerable number of years and exhibited loyalty in their dealings with the bank.

He said selection of the customers was based on the number of years the customer had been doing business with the bank as well as general customer loyalty and credit worthiness.


Mr Ahmed said the bank believes that without their customers, there will be no business, hence the need for periodic engagement with them purposely to obtain feedback on the services they render to their customers.

Customers were given the opportunity to voice out their concerns to help management acquaint itself with the issues and come up the necessary strategies to address them.

Some of the concerns raised had to do with very low interest on savings as compared to interest on loans, criteria for getting guarantors during loan processing and the five per cent commitment fee when a loan is approved among others.

The CEO and directors who were present at the forum took turns to react to these concerns and promised to stay focused on ensuring that they implement these corrective measures to bring gross satisfaction to the customers.

The Bank is also noted for assisting the vulnerable in society and has developed a loan product purposely to help the visually impaired with the collaboration of the Ghana Blind Union.