Obsessed with Fear is number one cause of Hypertension – Dr. Mark Agyei Opines

The repercussion for people living in constant fear in their daily activities is alarming, as Dr. Mark Agyei Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of New Life Homeopathic Clinic has revealed.

According to him, such people are highly susceptible to hypertensive attacks.

In an exclusive interview on the subject of fatal sickness that Ghanaians have no regard for, Dr. Mark Agyei who is well knowledgeable in homeopathic treatment of stroke, infertility, prostate disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, charged Ghanaians to take their nervous systems serious.

Explaining into details how fear causes hypertension, Dr. Agyei narrated that those who at the least instance of an incident are frightened, end up developing hypertension as a nerve called sympathetic nervous system moves straight to the heart, prompting it that something bad has happened, hence forcing oxygen to the heart to make it move very fast.

“ . . when you are frightened, there is something called sympathetic nervous system moving straight to your heart and telling your heart that something has happened and so oxygen should move to your heart. The sympathetic nervous system triggers your heart in order to supply oxygen quickly . . . when you get frightened, your heart beats very fast; so that the fear will not cause damage,” he explained.

He stressed that when the sympathetic nervous system causes the heart to beat quickly due to fear, there should be another side of the nerve called parasympathetic nervous system which must come in to cool off the heart.

He feared the absence of the parasympathetic nervous system, whose duty it is to stabilize the beating of the heart, may cause blood pressure [hypertension] which can result in eventual death.

“ . . there is another side of the nerve called parasympathetic nervous system which must come in to cool off the heart to be stable and so if the sympathetic nervous system triggers the heart out of fear to beat very fast and the parasympathetic nervous system fails to act to calm the heart down, then you can have blood pressure,” he stressed.

He therefore urged those with phobias to do well by personally motivating themselves.

“Those who are living with fear, without being able to motivate themselves regularly, are inviting hypertension into their system. It is not good to harbour fear whenever you embark on a long journey . . . our nerves are very important to us,” he advised.


Source: Daniel Adu Darko