NPP Subin Communication Director writes :The benefits of the incompetent decisions of prez Mahama

I am sure the editor would read the caption of my article ‘’the benefits of the incompetent decisions of Prez Mahama’’, and asked rhetorically ‘Really! An NPP person describing the erstwhile Prez Mahama’s decisions as beneficial’’. Then I would say brother ‘…if you finish reading my article anka you will see the import of the pun that I am playing with the word benefits’. I will implore you too, to do same before you conclude that the caption is misleading.

I know we have all witnessed many infamous decisions of Prez Mahama which have or is turning out to be incompetent in the face of the realities –few amongst them are the ‘Gitmo 2’, IMF Moratorium Deal’ or ‘the Electoral Commissioners’ appointment’. Today, we look at the case of ‘Gitmo 2’ as I serialized those infamous and incompetent decisions of Prez Mahama.

We, in the NPP maintained that it was wrong for Prez Mahama to smuggle in those suspects of terrorism by an ‘Executive fiat’ –and indeed, that was the cry of many well-meaning Ghanaians at the time to learn of the decision in the media, of which we helped opined strongly. We believed that it was a security risk to make such a move and to the extent that our national constitution do not entertain any act or idea of terrorism, let alone, when the alleged terrorist is alien to Ghana.

How could we, as law abiding citizen, accept this ‘Note Verbal’ that the Foreign Minister did not know about hook, line and sinker without any proper ratification from the people’s representative body? We thought it would only be proper, for the then government to inform the country through parliament as the people’s representative, which can be handled quietly at the parliamentary security committee if ‘Security Classification’ was what the president was worried about. He would have solved both worries co-currently by ’conforming to law and procedure’. Which is what the court is ordering us to retain or repatriate them according to law and procedure –and that was Prez Mahama difficulty.

So now, for Ghana to subtly manage the diplomatic blunder, government and parliament has to now spend time and money, amidst public uproar to correct the ‘incompetent decision’ of Prez Mahama, which we wouldn’t have to go through had he just listen. Then I will ask hasn’t the chicken come home to roost?

Sirh Bryte, NPP Subin Communication Director and Subin Youth Organizer Hopeful