The NPP National Youth Contest and Age Debate – Kwasi Frimpong

Politics has always been a game of interests.

There are never permanent friends nor permanent enemies. When interests meet one may be described as been too old or too young depending on whose interest it is serving at which time.

That also goes to buttress the point where at one time a person may be deemed too young to be holding a particular political position and when he decides to shift for a position ‘arguably’ reserved for young people too, others will have reasons to tell him/her to be too old for such position.

I have followed keenly on the age debate ongoing regarding the youth organiser contest as the New Patriotic Party prepares for the National Delegates Congress in June 2018.

Several theories have been used by some people to define the age bracket for who can be a youth organiser for the party.

Probably, what some people are refusing to understand is that the New Patriotic Party as an entity has chosen for itself written laws which guide their activities.

Even in the face of the written laws, common sense must always apply and probably that explains why the party at some instances have looked beyond what are in it’s law books.

A cursory look at some constituencies for some reasons which I am very positive may be political expediency and ‘geographical as well as socio-economic’ reasons have people as old as 75years serving as constituency and polling station youth organisers.

Though this is not the crux of my message, I felt it is needful in this current circumstance.

The framers of the constitution of the NPP in their own respected view stated that *’The National Youth Wing is a special organ within the Party which promotes the policies and programmes of the Party amongst the youth.’*
It goes further to define the youth as *”Youth” is a Member who has not attained the age of forty (40) years.*

The whole of article 14(b) which talks about the youth wing never make mention of the age of the youth organiser. It is worthy of note that though conventionally, the party has taken it upon itself to peg the age of the youth organiser at the definition of youth in the constitution, it does not mean the age of the youth organiser has been prescribed by the constitution.

Unless someone is trying to tell me that one must be a woman before she can lead women so the youth organiser must necessarily be a ‘youth.’ If not so, then the debate about age in the youth organiser contest is null and void and without merit ab initio.

But going by the party’s own convention, a youth organiser MUST be someone who has not attained the age of 40.

Meaning a person at the age of 39years, 11months, 3weeks, 6days still qualifies under the party’s laws to be the party’s youth organiser.

The 3 ‘main’ youth organiser aspirants who are so far in the lead for the youth organiser contest though I do not seek to portray as though I know their ages are all less than 40years.

It is therefore preposterous, absurd, nauseating, laughable and ‘bogus’ for some people to hide behind the issue of age as a campaign message against other candidates.

Be it political as it may sound, no amount of propaganda, badmouthing, slandering, insults or whatsoever made Akufo-Addo lose the 2016 general elections.

The delegates/electorates of Ghana are wild awake and the days of sleeping delegates/electorates are long gone.

Let those who have ears listen.

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