NPP to create industrial zones in border towns – Alan Kyeremanten

Former Trade Minister, Alan Kojo Kyeremanten, has disclosed that the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), will establish an industrial zone in every border town in Ghana if voted into office in the upcoming general elections. According to him, the NPP will establish industries  in each border town, considering the economic potentials and economic prospects of those towns in order to create jobs and increase foreign exchange earnings through exports.

Addressing a rally at Paga in the Chiana-Paga constituency of the Upper East Region, Mr. Kyeremanten  said the NPP will put in place proper industrial infrastructure and expert personnel to man the industries to accelerate  industrialization to drive development. “In every border town in Ghana, if you vote the NPP to come to power, we are going to establish an industrial zone so in Paga here, it is going to be an industrial zone. Why are we talking about industrial zone,  because next door to us is Burkina Faso, so with the kind of economy we are going to put in place in Ghana, if we develop an industrial zone here and put factories here we are going to produce and export to Burkina Faso and other countries in West Africa and this is where the jobs are going to come from” Mr. Kyeremanten reiterated the commitment of the NPP to establish one factory in every district to create jobs for the people. This, he believes, will  improve the country’s balance of payment rate, improve foreign exchange and reduce high foodstuff prices in order to avert the threat of food insecurity in the country. He said the NPP administration between 2001 and 2008, invested in selected crops such as tomato and cotton which led to the revival of the Pwalugu tomato factory; but the NDC government under President Mahama, has failed to maintain them, leading to their collapse. “Every day, the Pwalugu Tomato Factory requires 25 trucks full of tomatoes to feed the factory.  If the NDC had not abandoned the factory people in this region would have become  very rich people by now”. “Before the NPP left office, we had been able to mobilize almost $60 million to build a groundnut processing factory. If that had become a reality and not been abandoned by the NDC people in the Upper East Region wound have had jobs” Mr. Kyeremanten said with the right policies and programmes through eliminating corruption in the Ghana, more jobs will be created for Ghanaians and urged the people of Chiana-Paga to vote the NPP for change and for jobs in the upcoming general elections.