Not all offenders need to be imprisoned – Prisons PRO

ASP James Annan, Ghana Prisons Service Kumasi PRO

The lack of alternative types of sentencing is one of the reasons for overcrowding in prisons, Ghana Prisons Services Kumasi Public Relations Officer, ASP James Annan, has said.

Speaking to Kessben Television, ASP Annan said the situation was also due to the lack of expansion of prison facilities over a long period of time.

“It (so) happens that the only way of punishing people is sending them to prison. We do not have the parole and probation systems, so everyone goes to prison,” he said.

ASP Annan however stated that the non-custodial sentencing is in the pipeline and would be passed into law very soon.

The Public Relations Officer added that Ghana prisons do not violate human rights as reported by some UN experts.

He said the Prisons Service does not condone or support officers found liable of torturing or humiliating inmates.

ASP Annan stressed that the Prison Service’s duty is rather to ensure the welfare, safe custody, rehabilitation and reformation of inmates and not to infringe on their rights.