Nomination of Afoko – President showed leadership – Bukarson

The Executive Director of the Press Foundation, TPF, Listowell Yesu Bukarson has lauded President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo for showing leadership and maturity in the nomination of David Afoko as the District Chief Executive Officer for the Builsa North.

According to him, events leading up to the 2016 elections regarding the Paul Afoko culminating in the suspension of the National Chairman of the party could have affected the nomination of his brother, David Afoko.
“Any vindictive leader, looking back would easily not appoint David Afoko to any office under his government” He said.

“In spite of how much anybody lobbied for David Afoko, the President could have blacklisted him because of his relationship with the suspended National Chairman of the NPP”. He added.

David Afoko has been the NPP chairman of the Builsa North constituency for the last 8 years.

“In the wake of the troubles between the party and his brother, Paul Afoko, he stood his grounds, stayed firmly with the party, declared unflinching support to the party, its candidate now President Nana Addo and the Parliamentary candidate in the 2016 election” Mr. Bukarson who lost the party’s primaries in the constituency recalled.

“I also remember vividly that aside his massive campaign during the elections, David Afoko led the Party’s then running mate, now Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia to the Paramouncy of the Overlord of the Builsa Traditional Area when he paid him a call”. He averred.

“I commend the President for exhibiting a high sense of leadership and maturity in looking beyond lies and fabrications by people who sort to take undue advantage of the Paul Afoko story to lobby against David Afoko”. He said

“Only a true, sincere and foresighted leader will do what Nana Addo did. For which I commend him”. Mr. Bukarson emphasized.

The Former Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA), expressed disgust at the media sensationalism regarding the pockets of agitations following the nomination of David Afoko.

“Unfortunately the media have shown delight in blowing these normal agitations and frustrations out of proportion” He lamented.
“Yes there were, as is the case in many areas, some agitations and disappointments but the spin and sensationalisms are unfortunate” Mr. Bukarson opined.

He called for calm among the aggrieved party faithful, urging unity in the name of developing corporate Builsa North.
“It’s important for all to forge ahead in unison by embracing the government’s nominee as we brainstorm a way of seeking the progress and development of the district”. He advised

“Let’s come together, eschew the distractions and root behind the nominee to help develop the district. Mr. Bukarson stressed.