No Ghanaian attacked in S.A yet

No Ghanaian has been attacked yet in the latest threats of attacks on foreigners in South Africa, Foreign Affairs Minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey has said.

Possible xenophobic attacks in South Africa has resulted in several Ghanaians, Nigerians, and foreign nationals domiciled in most cities of that country, especially Johannesburg and Pretoria, locked up in their homes and unable to go about their normal business activities.

“Mr Speaker, our checks indicate that no Ghanaian national or their businesses have been affected in the recent attacks,” she said on the floor of parliament on Friday 24 February.

Speaking on the floor of Parliament on Friday 24 February, Ms Botchwey noted that Ghana’s mission in South Africa had urged Ghanaians in Mamelodi, also in South Africa, to remain indoors due to a planned demonstration against foreigners today until they get the all-clear from them to go about the normal duties.

“In Mamelodi, a suburb of Pretoria, there is a general fear and apprehension within the various foreign communities including that of Ghana, following a decision by a local to organise an anti-foreigner march today to protest at what he referred to as South African nationals being tired of enslavement and being deprived of job opportunities in their own country,” she stated.

According to her, although the South Africa Bishop Conference and the Justice for Peace Commission have called for calm and restraint, the Ghanaian mission has initiated measures to keep Ghanaians safe.

“The mission has visited many shops owned by Ghanaians in Pretoria, warning them of the development and the need to activate all early warning signals using social media groups to provide information in advance of any attacks. Pretoria shop owners have also been directed to close their shops immediately threats are deemed imminent,” she noted adding: “The Ghanaian community in Mamelodi, where the march against foreigners will take place today, have also been advised not to open their businesses and remain indoors while awaiting the all-clear signal from the mission.”

The mission has also introduced a 24-hour mobile hotline to alert the mission of any possible attack.