‘No Bed Syndrome’ Will Not Happen Again: Dr Nsiah Asare

The Director General of Ghana Health Service has guaranteed that the’no bed syndrome’ which is running through some health facilities in Ghana especially in the public health facilities owned and run by government will not happen again.

According to Director General of Ghana Health Service, Dr Nsiah Asare, has termed the no bed issue which caused the death of a seventy (70) year old man, Mr Poku Acheampong as system failure. “All I can say is that, it is a system failure. The system failed because you don’t tell a sick person in emergency situation that there is no bed”, the Director General of Ghana Health Service said.

Dr Nsiah Asare speaking to Omanhene on Kessben Media on Wednesday morning show program dubbed, ” Ka wasem”, stressed that when a sick person attends a health facility, they don’t have to refer the person to another facility without accessing the emergency of the situation especially when the reason for referral is bed.

“If someone is indispose and go to hospital, the person is not well, the person doesn’t need referral. That is why we made an emergency unit to make sure there is always an empty bed in an emergency ward”, Doctor Nsiah Asare reiterated.

According to Dr Nsiah Asare, because they do not want the situation of ‘no bed syndrome’ to happen again, the Ghana Health Service has written letters to all Regional Directors of Ghana Health Service for them to instruct all hospitals operating under Ghana Health Service to desist from such behavior which has cost Mr Poku Acheampong his life.
He said that if they receive a sick person who needs emergency attention and the situation is above them, the first thing they have to do is to resuscitate the person before they arrange for the person to be referred to another hospital where they can handle the situation.

He bemoaned that the no bed issue normally happens in Accra and Kumasi where their emergency preparedness has not reach perfect. He added that the sick person must be given a first aid in the ambulance while the referral point prepares to receive the patient.

He opined that even though the referral system is bad, they will put things in place especially in Accra and Kumasi to make sure the unfortunate situation does not happen again. “From today onwards…, we will make sure that the ‘no bed syndrome’ in Accra and Kumasi do not happen again…”, the Director General of Ghana Health Service reiterated.