Nii Lante Should By Now Be Arrested – Saanie Daara

Communication director of the Ghana football Association Ibrahim Saanie Darra has stated former Youth and sports minister Nii Lante Vandapuije should by now been arrested following his revelation that members of the GFA attempted to bribe him.

The ex Ghana sports minister in a recent interview disclosed members of the Ghana football association made an attempts to financially bribe him to dance to their tune during his stay in office at the sports ministry.

The GFA’s communications director Saanie reacting to the claims by the ex sports minister completely rubbished the claims stating the former minister is a liar.

“I’m surprise he’s still talking. There’s absolutely no truth in what he’s saying. Let me give you an example, It was Nii Lante who lied that Nyantakyi had told him he will resign if he wins the FIFA executive council election. He also lied about Sabahn Quaye and Dr Mustapha Adams” Said Saanie on Kessben TV.

“There are so many lies he has made. Elsewhere he should be arrested. I’m daring him to come out and mention names. He’s just in to create confusion” He added.

According to the ex Youth & Sports minister Nii Lante, not only did some members of the Ghana football association attempt to bribe him but also learnt during his time at the ministry that the GFA had been paying bribes to qualify for various tournaments.

Saanie however refuted all these claims and labeled former minister as guile liar.

BY: Nazir Hamzah