The new flying hospital – Orbis International Flying Eye Hospital

A unique, third-generation Flying Eye Hospital is giving wings to Orbis’ mission to prevent blindness worldwide.  The hospital is the world’s only mobile ophthalmic teaching hospital located on an MD-10 aircraft, and is the byproduct of six years of work by experts in aviation and hospital engineering.

The plane features the newest technologies to allow surgeon volunteers to teach physicians in developing countries about treatments and safety standards for cataract, glaucoma, refractive errors, diabetes-related conditions, strabismus, and more.

“I am honored to be the ambassador for Orbis Africa and to help do my part in eliminating avoidable blindness. Here are pictures from the Orbis Gala this past weekend unveiling the new MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital!
#orbislaunch #FlyingEyeHospital #blinkbelieve #orbisafrica” – Djimon Hounsou




A monumental day for the new MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital. With the help of our academic partner UC Davis and the Centre of Virtual Care, we ran a successful surgical simulation on the Flying Eye Hospital today to test the new plane to ensure we are ready to treat patients, train more medical professionals and transform more lives.