Why NDC is uncomfortable with free SHS implementation -Subin NPP communication director

The communication director of the governing New Patriotic Party Subin constituency Mr Bright Oppon-Nyarko known simply as Sirh BrYtE has taken a swipe at the opposition National Democratic Congress condemnation of the free senior high school program of  the NPP.

The subin constituency communication director said it was unthinkable to condemn such a policy.

Below is the write up of Sirh BrYtE as he is affectionately known:

You would ordinarily think that everyone is in support of the Free SHS policy but I am here to shock you that it is not entirely true –maybe overt support but some are covertly uncomfortable.

In 2013 alone, Four Hundred and Nine thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Six (409,746) students sat for the WASSCE. So if we are supposed to go by these figures of students that are being churned out annually, then we will be having a quadruple of the aforementioned figures to 1,638,984 plus the would-be continuing students of 1,229,238 totaling Two million Eight Hundred and Sixty Eight Thousand Two Hundred and Twenty Two (2,868,222) students as beneficiaries –and they would be in the voting age bracket.

So my uninformed analysis and deduction from these statistics is that which party looking forward to win power from you would wish you well in the implementation of such policy that would give its opponent virtually 80% of over 2.8m beneficiaries students in their voting ages? Your guess is as good as mine. So do not be surprise at their attitude towards the Free SHS project suggesting that all challenges in the educational sector should be dealt with before the Free SHS implementation.

Yes I know the policy will face teething trouble, as it has been with the similar policy for the Northern schools since independence but has not stopped or discouraged the laudable policy from been run in spite of the obvious challenges. On the back of this, I will then urge the Akufo-Addo’s government to implement this Free SHS policy burying all anticipated obstacles. I will end here with a quote from the book ‘Educating The Intelligent’ by Michael Hutchinson and Christopher Young around the 60’s to 70’s when Britain saw they were lagging behind the French and the Germans in educational growth argued, and I paraphrase: “…for we investing in the lives of men and women. We will be investing the productive capacity. We will be investing in the homes and families that they will build. We will be investing in the contributions that they will make to the culture of the nation. We will be investing in the ideas and beliefs of our civilization.” They further opined that “…that the money they are spending on weaponry will ensure their physical survival, but the money they spend on education will determine the kind of society in which they shall survive.”

The Brits did right with the investment and it is a success story. Free SHS is non-negotiable and that’s my belief. It must be now and not tomorrow.

Sirh Bryte

Subin NPP Communication Director.


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