NDC, a toothless barking dog ? – B/A NDC Youth Activist

Only God knows the number of press conferences our party leadership held since we comfortably gave power to NPP in 2016.

I am one of the strong advocates for press conferences and press releases from our party and our parliamentary leadership.

In one of my writeups I commended the leadership for always putting informations out there for a village boy like me from Alavanyo-Kpeme who lives in BEREKUM to also have access and also be enlightened on the happenings in the country.

But I think the talks have been too much without any concrete action💪🏿.

What some of us humbly expect from our leadership is action💪🏿 after the press conference.

Now the harassment of our people by the Npp folks is on an increasing rate because they know that as a party we can only bark but can never bite

Where are our lawyers?

Where are the members of our legal team?

Why have they kept mute on the atrocities happening in the country?

Issues like Delta forces, sacking of workers, illegal transfers, witch hunting of NDC businessmen, harassment of former government appointees and more importantly the vital financial and conflict of interest issues raised today at the press conference held by the minority.

Are we only good at talking and afraid of testing the law?

NPP always go to court in opposition even knowing very well that they have no case.

YEA has to fight their battle on their own, what is the faith of those sacked from DVLA? Lawyer Francis Sasu was left alone and was even chastised by some of his party folks and now Ibrahim Mahama and others.

I was shocked our own Kwaku Boahen has to support the seizure of asserts of EXTON.

How can we be behaving so gentle in opposition comrades?

For how long will NDC continue to behave like a Deeper Life church instead of a political party in opposition who is hungry and thirsty for power?

For how long are we going to hold press conferences without hitting hard at them in the court?

For you long will our comrades who were sacked from the various security training institutions without any tangible reasons stay home without any hope of legal action been taken against the authorities.

For how long will we wait to see real action💪🏿 from our leadership?

My prayer to the Almighty Mawuga Kpekpezukpe every morning is that, one day my party leadership will use the court and radicalism to push for our demands instead of press conferences alone.

Comrades NDC will rise again, we will reorganise to recapture power in 2020.

2020 is possible but It’s just a matter of time.


Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO
B/A NDC Youth Activist.