National Security Minister Lands Gov’t In More Trouble

The deafening silence of the Minister of State in charge of National Security, Bryan Acheampong, over his interaction with the embattled Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Menzgold Ghana Limited, Nana Appiah Mensah, (NAM1) in police custody in Dubai, continues to deepen the woes of government with conjectures.

Many continue to habour mistrust that NAM1, who is facing charges of misdemeanour in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has rather been aided by the Akufo-Addo government to flee the country and evade criminal prosecution in the wake of the company’s failure to settle the investments of its customers.

This suspicions coupled with the confusion of when next NAM 1 is expected to make appearance in court is fuelling the speculation that elements within the Akufo-Addo government are complicit in the Menzgold saga, as well as the US$51 million gold scam.

But The Herald is reliably informed that the Minister of State in charge of National Security, met with NAM 1 in Police cells in Dubai and interacted with him over his arrest.

The Menzgold boss is said to have given details of his arrest to Bryan Acheampong, who is also the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Abetifi Constituency, but it is unclear why he has remained silent after the meeting and private discussion with NAM1 over his detention, while government is being crashed over the Menzgold saga.

Meanwhile, the fresh claim by government that NAM1, would rather make his next court appearance on the 3rd or 4th of February 2019, has been disputed by family sources.

A source at the Economic and Organised Crime Organisation (EOCO) had told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) when it sought to clarify why February 2, which was a Saturday, had been fixed for his court appearance, as stated in the joint statement, issued on January 18, by the EOCO and the Ghana Police Service.

The source said, though February 2 was the exact date given by the Emirati Police to the fact-finding Ghanaian security and legal delegation, it had also been explained that under the laws of UAE, an accused person was supposed to appear in court, following the expiration of his or her remand date.

“Nana Appiah Mensah’s remand date expires on February 2, and as it is a Saturday, he is likely to go to Court on February 3rd or February 4th,” he explained but The Herald sources close to NAM1 family revealed that there the court has not set a date yet for his hearing although his lawyer has file all the needed legal processes and papers to enable him gain his freedom.

According to the family source, the court could hear the case earlier or later than expected. The time factor is dependent on the judge, therefore the Ghanaian delegation that went to Dubai, was only conjecturing by stating that the case is coming on in the first week of February.

The Herald, has obtained some details on the US$51 million gold fraud in which Dubai-based gold buyer; Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC, which caused the arrest and detention of the owner of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah and refused to hand him over to Ghanaian authorities.

This paper’s information is that Daniel -pictured- is powerful with connections to the ruling family of Dubai, hence his disrespect for Ghanaian authorities who had gone there promising to bring back the Menzgold boss alias NAM1.

Interestingly, The Herald is told that the Ghanaian delegation could not meet Daniel in Dubai, as he is reported to have traveled out of the country, because he did not want to meet up with the Ghanaian delegation, declaring  his readiness to make Nana “rot in Dubai cells”.

In a haste to give a different story, the delegation has announced that NAM 1, will return to court in Dubai on February 2, 2019, but interestingly, the day is a Saturday, and the courts in Dubai don’t work on Saturdays.

This shows the government through the police and Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) is not telling the truth on the Menzgold saga.

Again, there claims that Interpol is yet to capture NAM1 in its database as fugitive. This is because the real reason why NAM 1 is in Dubai known to many officials in the government especially the Flagstaff House, traditional rulers, top lawyers, the senior police officers and EOCO among others.

Three senior officials at EOCO, were mentioned as holding a vital key. They include the Executive Director KK Amoah, one Bashuru and another by name Walter.

Lawyer Fred Frimpong, captured as the Board Chairman of Menzgold, was also mentioned as having access to the puzzle aside Adentunji Adewoye Olorunfemi alias Ade, as Charles Opoku-Darko alias “Chairman”.

An Angolan by name Rodrigues Jose Gomes Maria alias Zerka, is also mentioned to have taken part in the deal. He is identified as a worker of Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC and got a share of the booty which is keeping NAM in the Dubai cell. He has since fled from his employers.

Daniel, is said to be a Palestinian based in Dubai, and had worked his way to the heart of the House of Maktoum, running businesses for the family. Based on this, he is able to have his way around many things including an overwhelming access to the Dubai police.

The Herald is further told that, while in Ghana, the delegation led by the Minister of State at the National Security, Bryan Acheampong was told that Nana Appiah was not going to be released to them, however, the delegation decided to gamble mainly to prove to the customers of the Menzgold that the Akufo-Addo government was doing something about the matter.

Ahead of the trip to Dubai, Daniel, had snubbed Ghana’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirate (UAE), Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan, by refusing to speak with him on the release of the NAM1, who is needed to curl the wave of protests sweeping across the country.

Insiders also told this paper that, Daniel, is technically holding NAM1 to ransom, hoping to get gold from him before he would let him leave Dubai.

This is because, Daniel,  believes NAM 1, has gold in Ghana and keeping him in Dubai, will eventually force him to fly the gold to Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC and gain his freedom.

The delegation that returned home last Friday, got the Ghana Police Service and Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) saying that the embattled Menzgold CEO, will only be available in the Ghana, upon final determination of his case in Dubai brought against him by Horizon Royal Diamonds DMCC.