National communication authority organises Digital terrestrial television media resource training

The national communication authority as part of it’s drive to digitise Ghana, held a media training workshop at the golden Tulip hotel in Kumasi to equip media men and women to improve their understanding on the digital terrestrial television campaign as the country gradually migrates from analog to digital broadcasting.

First of all as a member and signatory to the international Telecommunication Unions’Geneva 2006 agreement, Ghana has to migrate towards digital broadcasting.

The conference agreed that the transition period from analog to digital broadcasting should end on 17th June 2015 but some countries including Ghana preferred an additional 5years extension for the free HF band and the interesting aspect of this is that it cannot be achieved without the strong partnership of the valued media.

The NCA therefore used the training to educate the media on the digital migration switch from the old been the analog to digital broadcasting.

Speaking at the media training workshop Mr Kofi Nyantakyi digital broadcasting migration committee member enumerated some benefits in this digital switch.

Digital migration helps free spectrum of broadband wireless services this is because the digital broadcast signal can be compressed and the spectrum can be freed up and this can be sold to communication operators who want to provide wireless services.

Television viewers would get improve picture and sound quality, TV stations will be able to offer several channels of programming in the spectrum that previously would only able to transmit a single analog channel.

The National Communication Authority has a certified digital terrestrial television (DTT) receivers in the market and a visit to some outlets by the NCA detected whilst the certified DTT receivers and set-of boxes were in the market others were also in the market uncertified and with the media resource training the NCA embarked on, it will help educate the public on the certified and uncertified.

He therefore tasked the media to be worthy partners in digitising Ghana with further education of the populace.


John Awuni/