It’s only nation wreckers who hate SPO – entrepreneur

A private business man and CEO of Community group of Hospitals and a former Public Relations Officer of the National Health Insurance Scheme Mr. Kwasi Acquah has stated that only people who have an intent of wrecking the nation are those who will be against the Office of the Special Prosecutor According to the former broadcaster, corruption has become a canker which is killing our country and stifling the economic growth of the country and hence all must embrace the call for plans that will continue to fight the canker.The former Peace fm’s Kokrookoo host in an interaction with the media said, when corruption is down, the country makes money which directly helps to build the country by improving its infrastructure, expanding its economy, improving health care, education and all facets of life.He stated that unbridled corruption only makes a few corrupt people ‘rich’ at the expense of the impoverished masses and the nation at large.The office of the special prosecutor was a campaign promise by the Nana Addo Dankwa led NPP government. After several back and forth, the president on Friday assented to the SPO bill into law.Meanwhile, the debate on who is to occupy the office is currently ongoing with several names going round.Kwasi Acquah who also operates other private businesses said, “when corruption is down and the economy is good, businesses boom and this reflect on creation of employment and payment of taxes for which reason we must all support this bold step by the government.

Kwasi Frimpong, Akyem Oda