MUSIGA has a lot of flaws – Richie Mensah

CEO of Lynx entertainment, Richie Mensah, has admitted that even though the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) is a force to reckon with, it has flaws which need to be worked on.

Richie revealed this during an interview on Music Plus aired on Kessben Tv when asked by the host, Mr. Bonez if the Musicians Union of Ghana has done well in the year under review and is free from flaws.

“there are several flaws, there are flaws in every institution, even in Ghana government there are flaws so how much more MUSIGA, there are plenty of flaws”

“8 years ago, nobody could have had the time to ask about MUSIGA so if after 8 years we are here talking about MUSIGA it should tell you is because it has done something, they say you are only talked about when you are relevant, so if Musiga has done anything in the past 8 years is it’s ability to establish that it is a force to reckon with, it has not been able to solve all the problems but is a work in progress.”

According to the music producer who said he “doesn’t want to sound like a politician but rather an executive” he intends to bring like-minded people to join him run MUSIGA if he is elected as vice president of Union.

“When I started Lynx, I drew up a long term plan and said this where I want to go and I brought like-minded people and we started working towards the plan, that’s my simple vision for MUSIGA. There are so many things I have been able to achieve in my corner which I know if it’s open to the entire industry, it will benefit everybody, so I want to take that template and like I did with Lynx, bring on like-minded people, put together a long term plan and work to achieve it.”

Revealing his short and long term development plan, the award-winning music producer said, he intends to bring “all musicians together under the union” and help digitize the music industry which he believes the previous administration has failed to do over the years.

“one of the problems MUSIGA over the years is that it does not have the unity of the musicians. if MUSIGA doesn’t have everybody in its union when it talks is not as powerful as it should be. so we need the voices of all the musicians to be able to come together.

The second thing is, right now where the world has reached, we are digital. over $20bn is made yearly in music worldwide only digitally, what is the percentage that Ghana makes? we need to fix this and thankfully in my corner, have been able to fix this for my artist where they are making money from online streaming to YouTube views which they actually see the digital money, so it is something we need to teach the entire industry and solve such problems as people downloading music for free.”

Richie Mensah who is vying for MUSIGA vice president is currently on a national campaign tour.

By: Derrick Ofori/