Kay Twist, an underground artist who is known for some of his hit songs like Bad Girl and Crazy has explained in an interview with Mr. Bonez, host of Music Plus, how he became a musician.

According to him, just as officiating ministers are ‘called’ by their maker, he entered into music because he was ‘called’ to do it.
“Actually, I wanted to be an architect but music came in a way of calling and I picked it,” he confirmed.

Though other emerging artist in Ghana has revealed on various platforms their decision to sideline school and do full-time music, Kay Twist explained his dream of going back to school anytime soon to continue his education.

Kay twist who has released a mouth-watering video to his Bad Girl song revealed that, regardless of being called to do music, it is easy to give up on the calling because of challenges that come with being an underground artist

“Being an underground artist isn’t easy in Ghana. You need to go really hard and push every time so that people will see you, finance and support from the people won’t come easily so you have to work harder”.

Explaining how lionizing his family has been to his career , the ‘crazy’ hit singer, revealed that though his father didn’t support his decision to do music in the beginning, because he felt musicians lacked focus, he now has the full support from his father and family and they make payment of any cost in his current career.

By:Derrick Ofori/