Motorbike riders cautioned against flouting road traffic regulations

Director General of Research and Planning for the Ghana Police Service, COP Rose Bio Atinga have cautioned motorbike riders to adhere to all road traffic regulations to make the roads safe for all.

“There are no separate rules for ve­hicles and motorbikes; the existing road traffic regulations are meant to all road users,” she stressed.

The Director-General of Research and Planning gave this caution during a supervision exercise to arrest motor­bike riders, who in recent times have been causing so much havoc on the roads by disregarding road traffic reg­ulations.

During the operation, over 260 mo­torbikes were confiscated for the of­fense of the riding without license and helmet, jumping traffic light and hav­ing an unregistered motorbike.

According to her, the impunity of motorbike riders to disrespect the laws continues to put the lives of many road users at risk.

COP Bio Atinga noted that the Po­lice Administration will not rest on its oars until motorbike riders co-operate to protect the lives of all pedestrians.

Speaking on how the exercise would be sustained to keep motorbike riders on their toes, she held that the Regional and District Commands are supposed to ensure that motorbike rid­ers are kept in check on a daily basis.

The Director-General, Research and Planning, stated that the exercise would also be carried out nationwide to ensure that road crashes are reduced drastically.

COP Bio Atinga stated that all ar­rested persons would be screened and those found culpable would be processed for court based on their of­fences.

COP Beatrice Vib Sanziri, Direc­tor-General of Human Resource De­velopment for the Ghana Police Serv­ice, reiterating the need to stick to the laws, opined that the laws were made to ensure the safety of all.

“Most acts of lawlessness on the road are hinged on indiscipline, which in effect means that most people do not have regard for their own lives,” she added.

She noted that adherence to road traffic regulations should not be done just to satisfy law enforcers but must be done bearing in mind that all lives on the road must be protected from harm.

During the exercise, some of the offenses that got motorbike riders booked were riding without license, helmet, jumping traffic light and hav­ing an unregistered motorbike.

The exercise was supervised by some POMAB members at the follow­ing points, National Theatre intersec­tion, Nima Police Station, El-Wak traffic light, Kawukudi intersection and Weija.



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