Mary Posch-Oduro Hails Conference, External Branch

A National Treasurer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Madam Mary Posch-Oduro has hailed Conference especially the President, the National Executive Council and the various Committees that ensured the Party had a successful Conference. She further went on to congratulate the leadership of all the External Branches of the NPP for the firm and convincing stance they collectively presented to kickoff the proposed amendment that sought to disqualify NPP members having allegiance with other countries from holding executive positions in the Party.

Even though there are few reservations of the decisions of Conference, many if us including myself are very happy with the decisions of the Conference which is the highest decision making body of our Party. In fact, as a Diaspora member and a past External Branch Executive of the Germany Branch I really know the tremendous contributions and support we give to our Party not only in cash and logistics but human resource wise too. All that we were asking was an inclusion in the National Executive Council. All we wanted was a level playing grounds that would encourage inclusion of every competent, loyal and committed member of the Party to contest in all our elections. As a Party that pushed for the Representation of the People Amendment Act (ROPAA), it would have been a serious betrayal of our own policy if we had considered the proposed amendment. All I can say is the Party is the over all winner of this critical decision and I will humbly call on all to support it to the latter. Mary Posch-Oduro advices.

Mary Posch-Oduro is seen by many party members as the one who has what it takes to take the treasury arms of the Party to the next level. She has rich experience in resource mobilization and was the Founding Treasurer of the Germany Branch of the NPP as well as the National Organizing Secretary.She has also served on Finance Committee that mobilized resources for the Party. Currently, she is part of a 3-member Electoral Committee organizing and supervising the forth coming elections in Germany. She is the surest candidate to mobilize and energize the Party for victory 2020 and beyond.She has also served on Finance Committee that mobilized resources for the Party.

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