Martisans Foundation Holds Waste Cultural Festival

Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation and Voice Of Waste, on Saturday, October 26, 2019, hosted the “Living with the waste Cultural Festival 2019’, at the Mmofra Place at Dzorwulu, a suburb of Accra.

Mr. Desmond Mantey (right) in a pose with Mr. Ed-Franklin Gavua director at Voice of Waste

The objective of the event was to throw light on the need for sanitation and environmental protection and preservation in a bid to support the UN SDG 2030 agenda.

The event was facilitated by Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation and creative artist Ed Fraklin Gavua and supported by Mmofra Place, Novica, Ankwa-Roots Germany Ve and Professor Kodzo Gavua, former dean of arts at the University of Ghana.

In a speech, Madam Dede of Mmofra Place, emphasized the need to keep our environment clean by learning to recycle the waste that we produce as a people.

She further indicated that the planet is being taken over by plastic waste and as a people there was the need for Ghanaians to take concrete steps to curb the menace of plastic waste.

President of MSCF in a chat with Prince ,a fabric artist during the event.

She urged the children present at the event to learn more about recycling and how to turn waste into resourceful materials through creative arts.

Ed Frankin Gavua, Director at Voice of Waste, an experience creative artist with years of experience in the creative arts industry also emphasized the need to educate children on waste recycling and how to make art works from waste materials.

He encouraged the artists present to try and teach the young ones on how to make inspiring art works from waste materials.

The occasion also created the platform for some artists to exhibit their works produced mainly from waste materials.

In a conversation with fabric artist, Prince Nuamah, he lamented about the rate at which waste is taking over Ghanaian communities and further expressed the desire to teach more children on how to make art works from pieces of fabric.

In a remark, President of Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation, Desmond Mantey, indicated that the protection and preservation of the planet is a shared responsibility for all and as such all must work toward this noble agenda.

He said that the effect of climate change cannot be underestimated and it is therefore necessary that concrete steps are taking to minimize the impact of climate change.

Madam Abena from Ankwa-Roots germany and Mawena from Mmofra place presenting a tree for the children

He also mentioned that as part of the Foundation’s plans to support the UN in the realization of SDG 2030, specifically goals 6 and goal 13, many other projects will be rolled out in the coming year to further throw more light on climate change and sanitation and educate our community members on how to practically support the agenda in their daily lives.