Martin Luther King award, Chief Imam honored.

Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, the national Chief Imam has been honored with the ninth Martin Luther King award for Peace and Social Justice among others few beneficiaries in our sub regions.

Robert Jackson, the US Ambassador to Ghana presented the Muslim leader the award for his tremendeous efforts to Nation building and fostering peace among Ghanaians irrespective of the religious or tribal background since he was instated as the national  chief Imam over the last two decades.

The award is in recognition of citizens who in the spirit of the late Dr. Martin Luther King are helping build a culture of peace, dialogue, conflict resolution and promoting human rights.


Sheikh Sharubutu has contributed to fostering good relations among religious sects in Ghana and continues to preach peace and has contributed significantly to numerous development projects in many communities in Ghana.

The Chief Iman received the award with great acknowledement to the Martin Luther Kings foundation and how they have persistently held the visions of Martin Luther.

He further threw advice to the general public not to be divided by culture and language but strive to unite for national development.