The mandatory towing levy is unthinkable and lazy– Sirh Bryte

I completely deplore the rolling out of this compulsory towing system and I have already opined my views on the Mandatory Towing Levy on Ashh FM last Thursday, as being unthinkable and lazy way of curbing the carnage on our roads by charging across board from vehicles owners and drivers.

Honestly, I am at a loss, and maybe you can help me come to terms with the Road Safety Law/Act that mandates the body to levy across board; when someone has to be levied to pay for another whose vehicle breaks down on our roads. Because, for me, it is like the government telling us contribute to buy credits for another when he/her credits runs out –simpliciter.

I humbly submit that the body consider an optional regulation like the ‘Require-to-Pay’ basis; where someone would be required to pay for the towing service by the state after a ‘30mins to and an hour’ grace period to remove his/her broken vehicle from the road before the mandated authority steps inn to tow and surcharge twice as much as a private towing service might charge. I believe this measure will encourage a vehicle owner or driver to readily dislodge his/her broken vehicle in no time before it may cause traffic or an accident.

I also believe that the Road Safety body should up their game by employing the relevant technology like tracking devices to monitor vehicles where all vehicle will be required to buy a tracking device as security measure. They can set up posts like the customs or the police have done that will communicate with the control room that will monitor the tracking devices, and will send information to the post to check on a stationary vehicle that has lasted for 30mins on the road. They can do this service with the police as well for rapid response.

Lastly, I think the Transport Minister should sit up too. He cannot sit aloof and watch agencies within his remit to inflict hardships than thinking solutions, which state agencies are set up to do. We, the NPP did expressed our disapproval of the exorbitant insurance fees of which we are yet to do something to assuage their predicaments –I don’t think we should further inflict hardship on the owners and drivers if we have not done anything to reduce their burden.

Bright Oppon-Nyarko (Sirh Bryte)

Subin Comm Director, NPP