Make the poultry industry a priority area for job creation – Darko farms tells Government

Darko farms Ghana’s first private poultry farm business was established in 1967 in Ashanti Region of the Republic of Ghana. Mr Kwabena Darko the initiator of this venture has gone on to train a lot of farmers who ventured into the industry.

The brain behind this household name in the poultry industry is Mr Kwabena Darko who had his poultry farming training  in Israel and came back to Ghana and started with 100 day old chicks and today produce about 5million day old chicks , 3million units of dressed birds and 30 000 tons of animal feed a year.

During the visit of an Israeli national of Ghanaian heritage Mr Shimon Mercer Wood spokesperson Consul for Media Affairs at the Consulate General of Israel in New York, The visiting Israeli was highly  enthused about  the  level of progress Darko farms had gone through the poultry industry.

Israeli philosophy they say always train the trainer; That’s why they  trained one Mr Darko and he in turn trained a lot of Ghanaian farmers in the poultry industry,Mr Shimon Mercer Wood said.

Speaking to after the high profile guests from Israel and media personalities from the  USA , Mr Augustine kudaar the General Manager of Darko Farms appealed to government through the sector minister to pay maximum attention to  revive poultry industry as it remains a huge employment hub that will get Ghanaians something to do in other to better their standard of living.

In terms of job creation, the General Manager enumerated the value chain in the industry starting with the maize farmer, the transporter ,the feed-miller, poultry farmer,the  processor, the restaurant operators and so on

He touched on the high cost of production in the poultry industry hence the need for governmental intervention to create ready market for domestic poultry products and quota to be introduce on the importation on poultry products into the country.

High cost of securing capital as in loans and borrowing rate is extremely  astronomical as a result retards growth and prevent new entrants in the sector he added John Awuni/Kumasi