Mahama’s U/E Campaign Tour: We Expected An Update On The State Of Our Guinea Fowls In Burkina- Faso -Latif Solomon

During Ex President Mahama’s recent campaign tour in the Upper East Region, many of us expected him to have given us a comprehensive update on the current state of our Guinea Fowl at Burkina Faso and the cruel loot which occurred at SADA during his watch. But, the contrary happened; he was mute over it and acted as if no loot of such occurred.

The growth and development prospects of the Upper East Region has always been positive and refreshing. In these shades, SADA was introduced to provide opportunities for the young and old in the three northern regions and fast track this growth. The SADA policy was aimed at reducing the poverty gap between the southern and northern sections of our country. An initiative that was gladly embraced by the good people of the North.  

All successive governments have prudently aided the teaming youth and hard working indigenes of the 3 northern regions. A welcoming approach to address our growth challenges.

But, under the watch of ex-president Mahama most unfortunately, SADA became a tool of corruption, cruel loot, mismanagement and gross mess. It was heart breaking to find a person who calls himself a brother to loot his own people gravely in that manner.

A sum of about 200m Ghana Cedis was invested into the SADA project during the tenure of ex President Mahama to rear Guinea fowl, plant trees and also undertake some poverty alleviation schemes. But, sadly, it turned into something else under a so called northern brother.

Our Guinea Fowl were claimed to have flown through our borders to our neighbouring Burkina Faso. For the tree plantation, they only had giant billboards with no or fewer trees.  

Also, on the poverty alleviation schemes, the monies meant to aid the poor were looted and all ended in the pockets of the few who were already rich.

The indigenes of the 3 northern regions were left unattended by ex President Mahama and his cohorts during his time as President. A major reason why the well meaning Upper East peoples rejected him in the 2016 elections. 

So, in his wake to become flag bearer of the NDC to seek for an unattainable second chance to be president, we expected him during his recent visit to the Upper East Region to have given us an update on the state of our Guinea fowl which flew to Burkina Faso.

It was disappointing how ex President Mahama ignored all these and insentively campaigned, because the people of the Upper East Region in one accord wanted him to give us an information about when our guinea fowl may possibly return and not to blindly criticise an NPP government which is performing far better than we saw under him.

Latif Solomon 
Upper East Regional Youth Organiser, NPP