Mahama’s Thugs Launching Attack On Asokwa Magistrate court unacceptable- Edmund Kyei Writes

Yesterday 14th March will go down as one of the dark days in Ghana and for the Judicial Service as well. The three suspected killers of Nasiwu who was a member of the NDC vigilante task force were sent to court in Asokwa municipality. The family and some NDC sympathisers threatened the judge not to go on with proceedings because they suspect their lawyer was coming over to apply for their bail, so the judge sensing danger ordered the police to arrest those causing chaos. However, due to the high tensions the police couldn’t act on the presiding judge’s order.

Evans Amankwaa, lawyer for the three suspects from the HAWKS was also threatened with a knife and his vehicle was destroyed. Other staff of the court run for cover, the family of the late Wasiu and NDC sympathisers were on the rampage at the court premises, their main agenda was to deny the suspects from being granted bail.
We are all concerned about that sad incidence and my condolences to the bereaved family but that Rambo style of seeking Justice is not the way to go, let all uphold and defend our constitution.

I will once again urge our ex President Mahama to retract his ‘ *boot for boot* ‘ comment, since that comment still hangs around his NDC supporters. This can easily result in violence whenever there is a misunderstanding because his words carry weight among the youth of the NDC party.

Never again should we encourage any misguided comment from any political figure for their personal gains. I am equally advising the Youth to value their lives and I thank the Vice President Dr. Bawumiah for recently advising the Muslim youth not to fight for any politician but rather tell the politicians to use their wards for such violent operations.

…. signed…..
Edmund Kyei
Asokwa Constituency 1st Vice
NPP Communication Member