Lotto Writers Accused Kwaku Duah-Tawiah and CLAAG of Fraud & Scam Activities

The leadership of Concerned Lotto Writers Association of Ghana wishes to use this opportunity to caution Lotto Writers across the country to totally disregard and ignore Kwaku Duah-Tawiah and leadership of Concerned Lotto Agents Association of Ghana (CLAAG).

Kwaku Duah-Tawiah and CLAAG are using deception tactics to incite ignorant lotto writers and agents against the National Lottery Authority.

Kwaku Duah-Tawiah and CLAAG operations are largely financed by Alhpa Lotto and other unlicensed Lotto Agents.

The main agenda of CLAAG and Kwaku Duah-Tawiah is to solicit for the data of lotto writers for onward submission to Alpha Lotto and his paymasters as well as organized unproductive press conferences/releases to attack the National Lottery Authority.

According to our investigation, the Concerned Lotto Agents Association of Ghana (CLAAG) was registered at the Registrar-General Department on 26th January 2016 with Kwaku Duah-Tawiah and Solomon Aboagye as the signatories. Solomon Aboagye doubled as the Secretary to the registration of the Association.

However, none of these two gentlemen are functional Lotto Agents. They are rather exploiting the vulnerable lotto writers and Operators across the Country with the promise of advocating on their behalf but to no avail.

We are urging the media, general public and Lotto Writers across the Country to discontinue giving unnecessary attention to Kwaku Duah-Tawiah and his fraudulent group CLAAG.

Enough of misinformation, scam and fraudulent activities from CLAAG and Kwaku Duah-Tawiah.

…Jointly Signed…
Nana Owusu

Evans Yeboah
Executive Secretary