Lotto Agents On a War Path With Osei Ameyaw

The Concerned Lotto Agents Association of Ghana (CLAAG) has descended on the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) and it’s head Osei Ameyaw for collecting huge sums of money from Private Lotto Operators (PLO) which ostensibly was to allow them to operate on numbers drawn by NLA but has failed and neglected in that to honor and has made moves to convince VAG to surrender to NLA the contracts they have with PLO so that NLA will handle the PLO in the VAG business and pay VAG. And this move, according to CLAAG did not go down well with the PLO, agents and writers.

These monies according to them (CLAAG) were collected to register the Lotto Operators, their agents and writers as banker to banker operators, that is Lotto Operators who use numbers drawn by NLA to do their business with certain conditions that Lotto Operators open up their premises for inspection and issuance of 5 million insurance guarantee which have been done awaiting for NLA to issue them with their licenses.

Monitoring various interviews between the Director and Public Relations Officer of the NLA and some press houses, CLAAG is of the view that, they do not know the whereabouts of the money and therefore called on the President of the Republic to cause an investigation to be conducted into the matter.

The Executive Secretary of CLAAG, Mr. Kwaku Duah-Tawiah in a press statement said, the private Lotto offers more than one million jobs to the unskilled labor force in Ghana and any Government who toys with the fate of Lotto Operators does so at their own risk.
Osei Ameyaw makes an intensify claim of phasing out all old Lotto kiosks and replacing them with imported E-kiosks and replacing them with imported E-kiosks which he has imported 150 with each kiosk costing not less than five thousand United States dollars which is very unacceptable, he added.

CLAAG questioned why imported kiosks is needed for Lotto at this stage of the economy at that cost and how many of the such kiosk would be needed to serve the purpose because the NLA, Lotto Marketing Companies ( LMC’s) have about 10,000 machines and the private lotto writer’s numbering about a million and 150 kiosks is just a drop in the ocean or a tip of the iceberg.
CLAAG accused Osei Ameyaw of destroying NLA and the private business of Ghanaians and cautioned him to desist or be shown the exit and hence called on the President to investigate the matter since Osei Ameyaw is only interested in his personal aggrandizement and not the interest of Ghanaians.
They also warned Osei Ameyaw to stop harassing them by constantly sending them to the CID and also doing everything possible to stop them from working.

CLAAG suggested to the Government that the PLO could be a permanent source of income to support Government Free SHS and called for a lotto fund to be created as part of the consolidated fund for that purpose.

They (CLAAG) also called for the amendment of the current existing law such that NLA will only be a regulator of the Lotto business and not run lotto to be competitor as it’s currently doing.

Their demands if not addressed will take them to the streets, they added.

Source:Derrick Baafi/