Let’s stop the repetitive cycles of accusing each successive government of corruption as a basis of regime change only to start again- Dr Abu Sakara

My comments on the issue of repetitive cycles of accusing each succesive government of corruption as a basis of regime change only to start again.

We need to stop idolizing leaders and blindly following political parties like a religion. Let us see leaders for what they are ..the first among equals. Also let us assess political parties based on what they stand for but watch out for the shifts and changes with time and also the abject hypocrisy of “do as I say but not what I do”. We must be critical of everybody snd every party based on what is in our collective national interest. That is the only path now to a revolution of the mindset that will be more powerful than just a revolution of social order in which one group of people try to trample the others underfoot and end up doing worse things than those they put down.

What is the evidence? Well just ask yourself what people described as corruption with every decade that has passed since independence. You will realize it has risen exponentially. infact i dare say that the value of one top man’s corruption in the last decade is equal to all the corruption of the first 40 years afer independence.

So let us work on institutiomal mechanisms of governance to protect ourselves from our own tendency to steal from our collective wealth. Please don’t call it state wealth because the state is some foreign thing that in the minds of Ghanaians it is ok to steal from. Call national wealth our collective community wealth, our collective “japadier”.If you describe it that way it hits home more.

To intellectually know something is not the same thing as to understand it. Ghanaians know everything there is to know about independence, unitary system of government, decentralization, multiparty politics, electoral system, parliamentary standing orders, directive principles of state policy and the like…..but how many behave as if they understand what it is to be a citizen of our nation? how many behave as if they have imbibed the concept of nationhood to translate it into patriotic conduct in their everyday lives.

We have a problem but don’t want to accept it because it suggests we are not as advanced/ civilzed as we think we are,. To accept our true socio-political condition may force us to admit that our transformation from feudal communities to a 21st nation state is far from complete and may be stuck in a pupative stage. The extreme socio-political conditions needed to shock it out of its state of recalcitrant dormancy are building.

One way or ther other it will awake and continue the journey. whether it awakes with convulsions or it awakens progressively with realization is up to you and I. If it awakens with convulsion then we as a generation have failed miserably. No excuses! No crap ideological differences talk! We the most gifted generation in knowledge, exposure, financial resources and technical management ability will have failed more miserably than any other generation preceding us. And why will we have failed?
to be continued another day..
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Credit: Dr Abu Sakara Foster