Let’s Identify and Mentor Young Ladies into Leadership

The Assembly woman for Dwaaho electoral area in the Ahafo Ano North District Assembly in Ashanti Region has strongly Opined that Women in Authority should identity and groom young ladies into Leadership.

Hon. Comfort Maame Yaa Ofosuah Awerekyekyere Darbo made this contribution at a Forum organized by POWA discussing why there are few Women in Politics.

She said that every woman is born a leader, right from childhood everything a girl does gears towards leadership, that is taking care of home and taking in-charge while parents are absent. So what happened to our Boldness and Braveness even when we have acquired formal education.

Ms. Darbo therefore urged mothers and Women in Politics to identify and mentor these young ladies who exhibit traits of leadership to fill the gap of gender inequality we have fought for years.

There is the saying “catch them young and they shall be yours forever ” Women in general have the inbuilt ability to control, influence and preserve all that we need is to identity and develop these skills.

Men as well can also help bridge the gap of inequality by allowing these young leaders to grow and stop undue influence of having early sex with them which eventually derails their future as great leaders.
At the forum were some great women leaders like Hon Christian churcher, Hon Nana Oye Luther and others.