I left Ford expedition at Flagstaff House – Mahama

“That vehicle still is in the pool of government and even as I handed over to my [successor], that vehicle is in the service of the government of Ghana”  Mahama has said.

The former president said the Ford Expedition that was given by a Burkinabe contractor as a gift during his term of office, is still in the service of the government of Ghana at the Flagstaff House .

The SUV, which Mr Mahama said was never given to him as a personal gift, was reported to have been one of 208 state vehicles that are allegedly missing at the presidency following the exit of the National Democratic Congress.


Mr Mahama said  “I was never under any illusion that that vehicle was given to me as a gift, personally, and, so, I never ever considered it as a personal gift and the vehicle continued to serve government under my administration and has been left to the new administration,” he stressed.