Laziness is ‘killing’ Ghanaian youth – McDan

Chief Executive Officer of McDan Group, Dr. Daniel Mckorley has admonished young entrepreneurs to intensify their entrepreneurial skill of achieving results and quit from excessive sleeping.

Addressing members at a conference organized by Ghana Young Entrepreneurs (GYE) to inaugurate it Ashanti Regional Chapter saw the multi business man indicating that most young people are lazy “we are lazy in our blood….any young man who sleeps eight (8) hours is an idiot…”

He noted that, young people must work hard, work smart at their middle age and allow their money to work for them at their old age. Dr. Mckoley further shared a passionate life story where he revealed that, at age twenty eight (28) he boasted of one million dollars but lost everything at age thirty two (32) and after ten (10) years came back to achieve 10x (ten times) of what he lost. According to Dr. Daniel Mckoley who spoke on the topic “the truth of being an entrepreneur, my story as an entrepreneur”, to become successful entrepreneur one’s attitude takes seventy percent (70%), skill take twenty five percent (25%) and Knowledge cools the temperature with some five percent (5%).

In this world he added, “we have three main people, people with good ideas but best at talk, then people who are executors but have no ideas and finally people with both characters, you must identify where you belong to build a team accordingly” (the world has only two percent (2%) of the third character).

“Keep your integrity high and be honest… Have a life of consistency and with the right spirit, passion and determination you can make it. Don’t worry about failures, it’s part of the game” he said.

On his part, Mr. Franklin Owusu Kakari who spoke on “Key issues in starting a business venture in Ghana” said seventy percent (70%) Ghanaian entrepreneurs or businesses are faced with unorganized SME’s, unaffordable financial assistance, high startup cost, restrictive legislation and erratic power supply but was quick to state that, Ghana has stable political environment for business and is ranked 106th country out of 190 by the world bank 2016 report.

Mr. Sheriff, chairman of Ghana Young Entrepreneurs (GYE) explained the operations of the network and mentioned that, the group provide advocacy, training, mentorship, capacity building, research assistance and global linkage. He again called on all young entrepreneurs to get on board to enable us build a solid foundation to address our numerous problems including financial challenges.