Why Kotoko is in Crises and the way Forward

Undoubtedly, Kumasi Asante Kotoko is one of the best clubs in the Ghanaian Premier league. Football loving fans would have loved to see Kotoko will sit up and play above themselves to bring back their lost glory. Kotoko’s performance in the on- going Ghanaian Premier League sponsored by Star Times in recent times is not encouraging at all even though Dr Kwame Kyei Baffour had provided everything the team needs to progress. Unfortunately a team whose performance was above average and that earned them a second (2nd) position on the league table with the same points with Aduana Stars. It beats my imagination when Kotoko supporters started complaining about the 3, 5, 2 system adopted by Coach Dravko Logurasic that was yielding good results for the team. Planning is the first key to success in everything we do and as such it is imperative for the current management members to have a different plan that will propel the team to its final destination. I would have expected the CEO and his management members to put in place a two or three year development plan that will help build a formidable side that will be able to stand any test of time in the Ghanaian Premier League and possibly the African Champion’s league or Confederation Cup. Mr. Herbert Mensah never won the league title but made Kotoko very attractive and a formidable side and that helped his successor to win the league title and Kotoko was able to perform creditably in Africa too. The problem the CEO Dr. Kwame Kyei and his management members are facing now with their numerous fans is that, they thought once they have been able to sign all the players their fans wanted they are going to massacre their opponents in the Ghanaian Premier league. Having forgotten the fact that if you have not gone to someone’s farm, you will not know he also has good crops. Making new signings does not warrant a team to beat every team they meet .In football good planning, continuity and consistency vital and that is the only key to success. These players came from different environment and if they are not playing well their supporters will not chase them to beat them.

Coaches have their philosophy which to me is not scientific but that is their belief and it must be respected by football administrators. It is inappropriate for Kotoko’s management to instruct a coach to recruit players he believes will fit into his game plan and the next day he is shown the exit for another coach to come and take over the team. Persistently this same problem continues to show its ugly face in Kotoko and that is why they always tend to pay huge sums of money to coaches whose contract had been terminated. A typical example is the termination of Coach Duncan who succeeded Coach Didi Dramani who recruited most of the players he came to meet in the team. Mistakes are bound to happen, but when it happens we learn a lesson from it. The CEO and his management members cannot tell Kotoko fans they are not aware of this cankerworm which has eaten deep into the fabrics of the team and that has prevented Kumasi Asante Kotoko from winning the league title anytime they find themselves in this horrific situation. It is never too late for Dr Kwame Kyei and his management to tell their supporters to exercise a little bit of patience in these difficult times to enable them rebuild Kotoko to redeem its image. The CEO, management members and Supporter’s leadership should remain focus and forge ahead to develop the team. After all, Rome was not built in a day and as such the Kotoko we see today must be planted like a corn and allow it to rot in the soil before it can grow and yield the good results supporters are itching and yearning for.
Undoubtedly, Kotoko is swimming soundly in the pool of crisis and this is the time Kotoko supporters must put their heads together and support Dr. Kwame Kyei and his management team to find a lasting solution to the problems facing the team nowadays. Kumasi Asante Kotoko has done what Napolean could not do when it comes to winning titles in Ghana and Africa. The Kotoko we see today must be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Zamalik, Esperance, Al-Ahly, Etoile Du Sahel, Enyimba FC, T.P. Mazembe. Olando Pirates, Mamelodi Sundowns and many others in terms of African titles and infrastructure. Kumasi Asante Kotoko must move away from winning the GPL to prove they are famous than their arch-rivals Hearts of Oak. Supporters always complain when the team fails to win matches they cannot eat and some go to the extent of accusing their players of going to disco’s and drinking bars after playing a match. I don’t think if this current CEO and his management builds a Club house which contains One bedroom Self-contained in Adako Jachie for the players with a tight security and welfare officers living close with them to monitor their movements their players will break bounds. Every player who is ready to player for Kotoko must be ready to abide by the rules and regulations of the Club. If these players cannot dodge camp in the night and go do their own thing in drinking bars and Night Clubs then it can be possible.
Sometimes you build a house which you think is solid but when you notice there are serious cracks and it can endanger the lives of people living in it you can pull it down and rebuild. The team has so many cracks and if we plaster it, in the near future it will fall down and kill us. So it is imperative for Kotoko supporters to give Dr. Kwame Kyei and his management their full support to move Kotoko forward to its proper place. Patience can move mountains and with time Kotoko will be a team to beat in the Ghanaian Premier League and Africa. It would be disastrous for Kotoko to win the league this season only to be booted out in the preliminary stage in the Champion’s league which of course involves huge sums of dollars that could have been used to start a building project for the Club in Adako Jachie. My passionate appeal to Dr Kwame Kyei and his management members is that, they must focus their attention a bit on the U-20 side which will soon become their source of supply as gradually the already made players with the Kotoko spirit will fit well into the senior team. If possible help the U- 20 team to qualify for the Division one league and see if Kotoko will waste huge sums of money in buying players from other clubs in the Ghanaian premier league. Kotoko supporters too must stop forcing players on management to buy. Not every player who plays well against Kotoko can play for Kotoko.
Kotoko supporters are the team’s greatest enemy and must be blamed for the woes of the team. If you are a Kotoko supporter and you only give support to the team only when the team is winning then, you don’t deserve to be called a supporter .When things are not going on well that is when the team needs you more to support them. “Practice they say makes man perfect” and it’s a pity one supporter could get up and go to Kotoko’s training grounds to prevent Coach Dzravko Logarusic and his players from training. Ever since this crude and barbaric incident happened, players of Kotoko have had a psychological trauma that needs to be solved now that the first season has come to an end. Surprisingly, these same Kotoko supporters have clubs they support in Europe such as Man City, Arsenal, Man United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Ac Milan and many others. When coaches of these European clubs they support are not playing the exhibition football and they win, draw, loose matches they see nothing wrong with that knowing very well, it is not all the time that a hunter will go to the bush and bring bush meat. In a game of football, you either win, draw or loose that is what Kotoko supporters must understand. These three things that I have mentioned are also part of football which cannot be taken away. For those of you who are saying the CEO have no idea about football I think you are not been fair to him. For those of you who would have loved to get nod ahead of him and you did not get give him your maximum support to bring the team back on track. The team is fortunate to have a God-fearing man who is ready to spend his money to improve the team to a level that it deserves. Kotoko will come alive.


Michael Kessey – (Sports Analyst )