Kessben’s late mum: Tribute by Women’s Fellowship – Bantama Society


In all our work, in all our play

Be with us, Lord our friend, our stay

Lead onward to the perfect day

Then may we know, earth’s lesson o’er

With comrades missed or gone before

Heavens fellowship for evermore. Amen (MHB 928:4)


Heavens fellowship for evermore isour hope and trust that we will have when our work on earth is done

The women’s fellowship, bantamaa society joins to celebrate a beautiful life, a life well lived, a selfless life, a life worthy of emulation of our sister Elizabethosei

Sister Elizabeth (a.k.a old lady) as most of the members called her, joined and enrolled in the fellowship in 2004, when she was advanced in age. Her section was persis bier. Sister Elizabeth, though odf a reserved personality, was always full of smiles. She became a very active member, took part in all the activities in the organization as much as her strength would allow. She promptly fulfilled all her financial obligations and would always seek permission before absenting herself from meetings. However, her strength could not allow her to attend meetings at the latter part of her life but always sent words of encouragement

Sister Elizabeth, a vacuum is created by your departure which would be difficult to fill. You will forever be remembered by the women’s fellowship. We bid you fare thee well until we meet in heavens fellowship for evermore.

May the good Lord grant you eternal rest in perfect peace.Amen


Sister Elizabeth, fare thee well

Da yie! Da yie ! Da yie!!!