At the mention of fraudsters, one thing that quickly comes to people’s mind is Internet Fraud or what is popularly known as sakawa. Fraudsters have had their way in and around the world for sometime now, and have peddled their activities in all spheres of life.

Recently many individuals and businesses have been fascinated by the Advance Fee Fraud(a.k.a 4-1-9) scam that originates from several countries in Africa and particularly from Nigerians, Liberians and Sierra Leoneans. Some Ghanaians have also been involved, Internet fraudsters in Ghana are easy to spot. The young men in fast cars have become such a conspicuous group that they even have their own nickname, Sakawa boys.

Fraudsters however have not turned to the internet alone but have also resulted to the tricking of “Petty traders”. Several fascinating reports of traders who travel all the way from other towns to Kumasi to buy items of their trade for business, duped by fraudsters in kejetia and Adum have reached kessben media news desk, with these traders being cajoled to believe they would be given free gold after leading a stranded stranger the right way.

These traders are asked to offer direction to a stranger in search of goldsmiths, when they are about to carry out the errand, they would be asked to entrust their bags to another stranger as a guarantee, without thinking of anything harmful they hand it over only to return and find a ghost.

In another instance At Adum PZ, fraudsters prey on people who are in need of computer accessories, mobile phones and it’s accessories. Unfortunately for you, these people have everything you request, from keyboards to even Simone batteries and if you’re not lucky, you might end up sending a bar of soap home or a 1TB external hard drive will turn out to be a 1GB pendrive neatly tucked in a case of a 1TB drive.