Kcee is Nigeria’s worst dressed artiste

He thinks he’s a fashion icon. We think his friends are bad people.

Okay, I’ll start by acknowledging that fashion is unique and individual especially in an industry like ours.

It is good to stand out at events with unique fashion styles, but some celebrities overdo it and definitely need stylists to help them with their fashion choices.

Today I’ll talk about Five Star Music act and self-acclaimed ‘fashion icon’, Kcee.

I’ve seen a lot of his dramatic outfits that hurt one’s eyes and brains, and make him look like a joker.
Let’s look at his fashion style from the past and present…
I think Kcee’s number one problem is how to match these colours. In as much as this was a video shoot, I’m pretty sure Kcee must’ve told the stylist ‘Baba it must be this yellow blazer or nothing’.

The Floral vegetable sauce pants

I call that vegetable sauce cause it’s all flowered up. Now these looks don’t reflect his entire personality, but it shows how much of a kid is still in him. Because like seriously – who wears a ‘Spiderman’ tee on floral pants?
Now I wouldn’t have called this one a bad outing, if only he pulled it off well. Nah, he didn’t.

He must have said to Flavour. ‘Nwanne lets do this thing, the more colourful you are, the more people notice you.’

The viral ‘fashion icon’ pose/photo

Here he donned a pink-and-black print shirt, pink pants, a black blazer and leopard print shoes… Seriously? This is what Nigerian’s will say ‘The guy just dey fall him fans’ hands’.

In an exclusive interview with NET he said ‘If you come to my wardrobe you’ll know what I’m saying, I’m a fashion icon and I can brag about it. Sometimes there are some things you can’t brag about, but for me I can brag about fashion, I don’t have a problem with my fashion sense’

We agree!

His belt game

Oh Oh… did I mention he has a thing for fancy belts? Kcee is the king of fancy belts, like he can tuck his Tees in his knickers just so you can see his belt.

For real guys, Can you explain this one?

Who actually wore it better?

But in recent times, Kcee has upgraded his dress sense. I admit I have noticed his improvement, although one will need to confirm if the changes are here to stay.

Credit: the net