Kaneshie Market Foot Bridge- A Hanging Disaster

Structural developments are meant to solve problems in our environs and many of them are needed as our communities grow and develop by the day. One of such structures that have been built to solve the problem of crossing the Kaneshie Odorkor highway from one side to the other without having to risk being knocked down by a speeding vehicle is the Kaneshie market foot bridge.

This bridge as old as it appears, has seen some repairs and effort has been made in the past to ensure that it continues to be useful to pedestrians. One source of worry however for anyone expecting a smooth walk on the bridge, is that traders have taken positions on the bridge to display their wares from clothing to home appliances of all sorts. They occupy every inch of space available on the bridge so much that walking becomes stress more than pleasure. The number of beggars also adds to the congestion on the bridge. The phenomenon is active 24hrs a day and the city authorities or the managers of the bridge do not seem to be aware or care for what the bridge has become to pedestrians. The harassment to part with money to buy or as a gift is something serious than broad day light robbery. In recent times, another development is the use of the bridge rails to hung objects over the edge of the bridge.

One wonders what these objects hanging contains. Some action is needed immediately to check these things hanging. Some of these objects looking heavy hang directly under. Whatever these bags and objects hanging may contain if any should fall on a passing vehicle can cause an accident. A stitch in time saves nine, this is a humble appeal to the authorities of Accra to clear the Kaneshie market foot bridge of traders, hawkers, beggars and their hanging objects.

By: kessbenfm.com