Jon Benjamin A diplomat who veered off his diplomatic duties – Hon. Ras Mubarak

When you have a diplomat who doesn’t know his place, the culture and the fact that we refused to be a British colony 60years ago, and some Ghanaian senior government officials who are awed by being friends with a British ambassador, the alien pokes his nose where he’s not supposed to.

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We allowed him and he messed us up. A year or so ago I took it upon myself to tell Ambassador Jon Benjamin he was crossing his boundaries and to stop writing rubbish on twitter about Ghana. Then he runs to the Presidency whining and complaining I was hostile to him. To my utter disappointment, three very top government officials frantically called me, with one of them even suggesting to me to apologize to him. I told them to tell him if he stopped writing rubbish about us, I will show him respect as Her Majesty’s envoy.

It was one of those moments I was ready to lose my job as a government official if they had pushed further to apologize to him. In any serious country where people are comfortable in their own skin, Mr. Benjamin would have been expelled.

The question I asked those senior colleagues is, can he write half the nonsense he writes about us on social media if he was Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Washington, Berlin or Brussels without consequences? Can our High Commissioner to London ridicule England or its people without being sent home for undiplomatic behavior?

We need to assert our authority as an independent people. I have enormous respect for the U.K. as a trading partner, but both the NDC and NPP in the past have acted as if we were still a British colony. Is it because of the 5year UK visa stickers they put in our passports?