Jerry Wonder Wins Databank Leadership & Excellence Award for AUCC!

The Databank Foundation, on the 28th of March 2018, awarded creative writer and journalist, Jerry Wonder, for the 2016/17 Leadership and Excellence Awards.

He picked up the award for the African University College of Communications (AUCC). He was adjudged the best out of several nominees from AUCC for the prestigious award.

This will be the third award for the creative writer as he was also the recipient of the Ghana Tertiary Awards ‘Most Influential Student Entrepreneur 2017′ and a meritorious award from the National Students’ Awards 2017 for his contribution to the students’ community in Ghana.

Jerry Wonder is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and has established a publishing company, which began as a newsletter on campus, to assist potential writers in putting out their works with minimum ease. His company, Shine Publications, will soon launch an online bookstore which is targeted at assisting the Ghanaian writer in publishing and promoting their works to the global market.

He believes that everyone acquires a unique experience as we go through life and these experiences should be documented to help other overcome or appreciate such situations. Hence, the need for everyone to read and write. In a brief interview he said, “Writing should not be left for the scholars and reading for the students. It should be an everyday attitude as it is a safeguard of the past, an eye opener to the present, and an essential tool for shaping the future.”

There were other award winners from other institutions. They were Dr. Kingsley Ewool of the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry and Ezechiel Bonkoungou Pingwende of Pentecost University College. They were rewarded for coming up with innovative projects which are impacting society positively. Board members of the Foundation, Faculty members of the universities and family members and friends of the award winners were there to support them.