It Is Time To Reward Ahantas, Make Kwesi Biney Regional Minister

Ahanta land such as Takoradi, Sekondi, Kwesimintsim, Ahanta West etc have been loyal to NPP since the UP days. However, none of our great men and women have been recognised by our great NPP.

Upon winning 2016 elections, we thought we could get someone from Ahanta West to be given ministerial appointment yet it eluded us.

For our love for the party and country, we kept quiet hoping our President Nana Addo will one day recognized the contribution of Ahantas to NPP.

The country’s oil find in Cape 3 Points which gives millions of dollars to the country is in Ahanta West yet we have lost out on most of the oil related projects because of our affiliation to NPP making the people of Ahanta West very poor. Notwithstanding, We have never lost faith in NPP because we (Ahanta) believe it is the best party to bring prosperity to Ghanaians.

We believe strongly it is about time to recognized Ahanta by appointing *Hon. Kwesi Biney* as the next Western Regional Minister.

Hon. Kwesi Biney’s contribution to the party at the constituency, regional and national levels are obvious. His rich experience with the local government settings as a District Chief executive is one that brings memories of a great and quality leadership. Till date, he is touted as the best *Chief Executive* Ahanta West has ever had. He has been regional executive, actively worked in Western Region and national from 1992-2016 elections and has been with you Mr. President throughout your struggle to lead this great country. His expertise in communication as an ace broadcast journalist is one that the Region pride itself with. Hon. Kwesi Biney is one of the few elite politicians who believe leadership is an opportunity to serve humanity and not to be served. Hence, he has what it takes to make Western Region great and strong.

Mr. President, Ahantas love NPP and your government, you personally know what Hon. Kwesi Biney is capable of doing. He stands tall among all those nurturing the dream and desire to serve in this capacity. It is time to reward Ahantas for we have suffered a lot owing to our loyalty to NPP.
We pray that’s this our appeal will be considered and favoured by your kind self…

*Abraham M.Acquah*

*Concern Ahanta Youths of NPP*
*Aquinas* *Knox* *Kwofie*