It Is Time For The Grassroots To Benefit, Alhaji Short believes in the grassroot -Abraham Mensah Acquah

A strong grassroots is the foundation of the success of every political party. Working as the dean of all the ten regional chairmen in his Chairman of Regional Chairmen role, ALHAJI SHORT gained invaluable cross-regional grassroots experience. The deanship gave him the opportunity to see grassroots problems first-hand and to hear grassroots issues from grassroots men and women across the board. It also gave him the privilege to learn from the deep as well as diverse knowledge and experience of his brother-chairmen. You cannot deny there is no better teacher than the knowledge from experience. Moreover, the Regional Chairmen were the Campaign Managers for their respective regions in the 2016 NPP Campaign. What a learning that was! Everything in that role has been additional learning and development for Alhaji Short in preparation for a bigger role. Every action as Regional Chairman and as Chairman of Regional Chairmen has prepared Alhaji Short to be better-suited than any other contestant for our National Chairman job.

Alhaji Short believes grassroots men and women suffer most in real political activity but are not catered for. He has a burning desire to make grassroots work beneficial to grassroots people. It is based on this desire that Alhaji Short declined appointments to seek your mandate in order to be able to use the power and authority of the national chairman to ensure that patriots at constituency and polling station levels truly benefit from their sweat.

He is the only national chairman aspirant with real grassroots experience – there can be no question about that. And, as Bob Marley said: “he who feels it, knows it.” More than any of the other candidates, Alhaji Short understands the pains of the grassroots and will work to ensure the needed resources are channeled to develop the grassroots. It is the time to give the grassroots a break.

as NPP National Chairman
to give GRASSROOTS a break!

# I believe in the grassroots and in Alhaji Short to deliver.

By: Abraham Mensah Acquah