Invest in solar energy : GM Amansie West Rural Bank urges government

Rural banks were first established in Ghana in 1976 to provide banking services to the rural population, providing credit to small-scale farmers and businesses and supporting development projects, with the first being in Agona Nyakrom in Central Region.

Amansie West Rural Bank which was established in Oct 1983 with a single branch can now boast of  10 branches within the Ashanti Region.

The bank which is locally owned and managed and are supervised by the clearing bank ARB Apex Bank under the regulation of the Bank of Ghana,which owns shares in the banks.

In an interaction with the general manager of the Bank Mr Opoku Boateng, He was of the view that the Bank had contributed a lot as  in its corporate social responsibilities especially in the area of education, social, health, security etc.

On education they have put aside a package for brilliant but needy students to further their education at tertiary level.

The bank has also been contributing immensely in the health sector through donations to St Martin’s  hospital at Agoroyesum and Bekwai government hospital  and also supported the buruli ulcer patients.

The Bank recently put up a police post around Amansie area to curb the rampant arm robbery attacks which was the order of the day on traders  plying those routes.

The Bank’s general manager however called on the government to invest heavily in the energy sector by going solar to help solve the cancerous energy crises that has hit the nation in recent years.

The energy crises had a very negative effect on businesses which drained their profits and made it difficult stay afloat in business .

On the new  NPP government Mr Opoku Boateng appealed to the finance minister to  wave some taxes in their operations for as  a community based business entity profits are normally given back to the same communities through infrastructural and other developmental projects he opined.


John Awuni/