Introduce a disqualification directory to fast-track president Akufo Addo’s ambitions – Gabriel Asaana tells parliament

His Excellence Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo has a strong Political will to transform Ghana as indicated in his 2016 campaign manifesto but something urgent and critical ought to be done to make the people of Ghana, especially the professionals to become more efficient and productive to assist him to achieve this all important vision.

Some of the laws in Ghana should be woken from “bed” and adequate and appropriate sanctions including the disqualification of professionals from practice for a given period or even for life where very serious offenses are involved should be implemented to propel all professionals to be more responsible in their various areas of operation.

Adequate and appropriate sanctions will be a sure way to curtail the current negative tendencies of negligence waste mismanagement and corruption which hinders the generation of the much needed funds from both the government and the private sector for development.

The disqualification of professionals’ directory will create an indelible mark in the minds of all professionals as no person will like to lose his profession for life just for small bribe and this will keep the following negative practices in check to ensure that government gets value for money in its expenditure.

The shoddy works of government contractors on the roads and building will be reduced as the disqualification process will make the collusion between government contractors and government officials less attractive.

The demarcation of plots by artisans can be quickly traced to prevent wrong settlements and its associated problems.

The over-invoicing of government expenditure and the under-invoicing of government revenues can be better managed.

The rampant mismanagement of businesses and organizations by managers, Accountants and other personnel will be reduced drastically.

The too many illegal water and electricity connections resulting into unreasonably high bills for legitimate users can be properly handled. No artisan will like to do a job that will cost a small fee from illegal connections and be disqualified from practice for life.

The reckless driving on our roads will be improved to some lives.

The negligent and unskillful practices in the food and medicine sectors can be greatly improved by early identification and sanctions.

The disqualification directory will be a great deterrent to corruption as most corrupt practices will be quickly detected and sanctioned.

The first step in establishing the disqualification directory will be to classify all professionals into groups, ensuring that each group has its code of ethics and adherence. Each group can have in addition small handbooks listing all the offences that can committed and the various sanctions for easy reference.

The second step will be to build a computerized data for all professionals i.e their IDS, Certs, Contact numbers and the various areas of operations to make sure that they can be made to be timely responsible and accountable for any activity under query .

The last stage will be the opening of the disqualification of professionals’ directory itself like the telephone directory to list all professionals sanctioned for the easy reference by all employers before the employment of any professional.

This will be a tool very influential and useful to all anticorruption bodies.

Whistle blowers should be encouraged to expose all wrong doers for a reasonable fee and over a period people who make illicit wealth from these negative practices will learn to cut their coats according to their size.

In this way the government can plug most of the current leakages in the economy which will lead to increased efficiency, increased productivity and increased revenue for development including the payment of increased salaries to the professionals for good work done.

Prez Akufo Addo’s Vision is achievable and would provide a solid foundation for Ghana’s future. All he need is for Ghanaians to sacrifice a little, show more commitment and patience and Ghana can become the shining star of Africa in development and prosperity.