‘I’m Mahama’s campaign message’ – Nana Addo

Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo has condemned vile attacks on his person by the governing National Democratic Congress which seeks to reduce his chances in the 2016 general elections, saying they will fail. President John Mahama during his campaign tour in the Western and Northern regions attacked Nana Akufo-Addo’s personality and his leadership style, describing him as a dictator and divisive. Meanwhile, addressing residents at a rally in Bolgantanga as part of his campaign tour of the Upper East Region, Nana Addo said God will see him through.

“First they said I was a drug addict, it didn’t work. They said I was sick, it didn’t work. They said I was too old, it didn’t work. They said I was a hunchback, it didn’t  work. They said I was a dwarf, it didn’t work. They said I was in a wheelchair, it didn’t work. They said I am a murderer, it didn’t work. They said I will die in June, it didn’t work.” “They said I was a dictator, it didn’t work. They said I was intolerant, it didn’t work. They said I was violent, it didn’t work. They said I had a secret agenda to destabilize the country, it didn’t work. Now, they say I have cancer, it will not work,” Nana Addo added. Nana Addo observed that “it appears the only way the President will get a third term is when I am sick or I am dead” but said “I believe and I continue to say the battle is the Lord’s.

He also said the president has nothing new for Ghanaians and has thus turned him [Nana Addo] as his campaign message. “The President has made me his campaign. I am his campaign in Ghana today.”Nana Addo told the NPP supporters and Ghanaians to vote massively for him on December 7 to enable him implement good policies and programmes for the nation. “As defeat stares him (President Mahama) in the face, the language against me is going to go (a notch) higher and higher and higher, because it is clear to the overwhelming majority of Ghanaians that on the 7th of December, we are going to say to John Dramani Mahama, ‘Thank you and goodbye.”