I want to own Ghana’s judiciary – Kofi Amoabeng

Retiring Chief Executive Officer of UT Bank, Prince Kofi Amoabeng, has indicated of his wish to own the country’s judiciary in order to make a thriving business out of the system that has recently been hit by corruption.

Speaking on TV3’s Hot Issues, the 63-year old CEO said “One business I would want to own, if it is possible, is the judiciary and I could make business out of that.”

He argued for a system where Ghana would be able to put a bit of business to some of its institutions like the Police Service and the judiciary.

The former military lieutenant turned banker was however appalled by delays in court cases, which he believed was affecting businesses.

He said the judicial system is able to be manipulated by some people for cases to be dragged on for years, adding that UT Financial Services have cases pending in court for between six and eight years.

“…One of the interesting things is that they [people] are able to influence the system so that judgement is able to delay. UT has cases in court that is over six years if not eight years old.

“In actual fact, there is one case that made me crazy. There is a case where we gave a person a loan, he went to court and UT was found guilty of giving [him] the money…. at least, tell the man that go and give them the principal [loan],” he said.

“Until the Anas’ [corrupt judicial exposé] report I didn’t see how that was possible but when I saw Anas’ report, I said ok, then of course, it’s possible for a judge to give that kind of ruling,” Kofi Amoabeng added.

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