I am solidly behind GUTA – Odike reveals

According to the United People Party (UPP )leader,Akwasi Addai Odike,he vehemently supports the action of the Ghana union of Traders Association.

“It is about time GUTA  implement the laws governing the association and our nation.Nigerian’s are our brothers as well as any other foreigner but tha does not imply that we should lay low while they in a way overtake our businesses especially in suame magazine” the business man emphasised

Akwasi Addai Odike made these insinuations during a discussion on amansan ntie on kessben fm.His claims was in accordance to the current clash between Nigerains and Guta under the claims on Nigerians and other foreigners taking over their businesses in suame magazine.

Consequently,foreigners especially Nigerians have dominated over the spare parts business since they(Nigerians) are acting as wholesalers and retailers at the same time and according to GUTA most of these foreigners even do not pay taxes as they do.

Odike explained that, GUTA is not forbidding any foreigner for venturing into spare parts business but rather should be the support of Ghanaians when there are financial constraints.He said”GUTA do not have any problem with foreigners and nigerians in particular,all they are asking for is for foreigners  to reallocate and build wholesales so that they can act as retailers”