There is hope for the Scholarship Secretariat Under Hon. Kingsley Agyemang leadership

The art of leadership is a divine responsibility and a call to duty to offer services to humanity. Your appointment as the Registrar for the scholarship secretariat came at a time when students of Ghana need such a leadership character to champion their course.

I listened very carefully to you speak yesterday and I was like wooow, this is another level of leadership being offered by someone in another planet but certainly not in Ghana.

I have been a student leader right from the JHS level through to the masters level. I have worked with people in authority, I have seen people at the realm of affairs managing institutions and I have met people at different organizations and at different levels of management, but meeting you yesterday was a life changer for me personally. It reinforced and rekindled in me a new spirit, a spirit of hope for the future of mother Ghana and the current management of the secretariat.

Until I met you yesterday, I never believed people of your kind still exist in Ghana, the reason for my silence through out the meeting yesterday, such a mood rarely happens to me, Because I have seen it all at different levels in Ghanaian organisational leadership.

Your passion and compassion about your work and zeal to succeed was just fantastic. Very results oriented and positive thinking.

I have personally admired you yesterday and still admiring ur leadership style. I believe same is extended to everyone who walks into your office?? The little I can do to people of ur kind is to appreciate you, encourage you to continue and even build on your style of leadership for there is always a room at the very top for people like you.

It is my prayer that the good Lord will grant you the grace, wisdom and knowledge to continue delivering on your mandate for God and country.

May God richly bless you, you will forever be a mentor for young souls like us.

Best Regards

Raymond – GRASAG Financial controller

( 0247049467 )