Why Hon. Joyce Zempare Stands Tall as the next National Women’s Organizer of NPP?

Many questions are being asked to who really fits well into the hot shoes of Madam Otiko Dzaba the outgoing National Women’s Organizer of the NPP and also, the Gender and Social Protection Minister.

The questions seem many though the right answers stair in our faces especially with the quality of leaders that abound in the Party.

The NPP is endowed with quality men and women. Yes. No doubt about that. However, looking at what the role of a National Women’s Organizer entails especially leading the women front into elections 2020, the simple and convincing answers which reflect the leadership persona of Hon. Joyce Zempare who is also known as Jay-Zee are;

Hon. Joyce Zempare is a grassroot leader. A leader who speaks and understands the the ordinary party faithfuls and supporters who are the silent majority. She demonstrated this essential leadership qualities right from the constituency level that got her elected twice as Greater Accra Regional Women’s Organizer- an influential role she played to ensure the party won resoundingly the 2016 elections in Greater Accra Region-the region that decides elections Ghana. Winning Greater Accra means winning “Ghana”.

Hon. Joyce Zempare is an ingenious leader who creates unique opportunities out of challenges. She sees no political barriers. Very results oriented and focus. She works with people to get the best outcome for the party. This she did both at the regional and national level when the party was in opposition and needed fearless leaders to lead the women front. In fact she played the Yaa Asantewaa role in Greater Accra during 2016 electioneering campaign that brought our party to power. A women the party especially the grassroots can really be educated.

Hon. Joyce Zempare is some one who understands the good policies and programmes of the ruling NPP government and propagates same. She is part of the party’s communication team. She is very articulate and delight her audience with facts and figures. A communication skills that the party needs to combat and mitigate the propaganda schemes of the opposition NDC party. A unique skills needed to be in constant touch with the many female electorates who unfortunately are not formally educated

Madam Joyce Zempare is a versatile and a dynamic leader with many positive sides. She cuts across many divides. She speaks and understand many languages including Akan, Grusie/Kasem, Ewe, Ga etc… She is affable, honest and operates an open door policy. She is a natural unifier and works with no faction. A good sign of a party person. Her versatility was duly manifested in 2016 elections where she significantly contributed in diverse ways including human and financial capital to ensure that party won massively in 2016 elections.

Most importantly, Madam Joyce Zempare has a huge track records of success spanning from 1996 by serving her Constituency Okai Central as a Ward Chairperson, Constituency Women’s Secretary and Organizer where she ensured her constituency won all parliamentary elections. She has also served as a vetting committee member both at the regional and national levels. Currently, she is the Regional Women’s Organizer of Greater Accra.

Campaign for elections 2020 is now. The decision we take in selecting our leaders would influence the kind of campaign we take into the next elections. The decision should be based on leadership of competence with examples of track records. A leader that would lead and be part of the battle should be our choice. Campaign and vote for Madam Joyce Zempare now!

By: Elliot Apreku Asante